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Contact Sheryl Whaley @ 895-5550 ext. 2314

Counseling activities include a variety of services. The major services of this department include:


Providing crisis and personal counseling, problem-solving and coping skills.

  • Sharing community resources with students and parents.
  • Coordinating in-school support services.
  • Assisting with student referrals to community agencies for various services (i.e. long-term counseling, hospitalization, teen parenting, substance abuse).
  • Academic scheduling and individual planning to ensure graduation requirements are met.
  • Administering standardized academic testing programs.
  • Providing work readiness skills and vocational information.
  • Resume and cover letter writing.
  • Offering job search skills to students.
  • Registering students for the Career Center.
  • Career advisement, exploration and planning.
  • Helping students make the transition to college, skilled trade or certificate programs.
  • Arranging college visits.
  • Small group student meetings are also held with college admissions counselors, Armed Service representatives and various career speakers addressing the six career pathways.
  • Assisting students and parents with any other needs that may help the student progress toward graduation, prepare for life after graduation and increase personal growth/health.

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