Wenona Center

About Wenona Center

Main office is open from 7:00 - 3:30

Classes start at 7:35 and end at 2:17

Breakfast: 7:20am  
Lunch: 11:20am
*Breakfast and lunch are served free to all students.

Annual Education Report Letter 2017-18

Wenona High School is a safe and inviting school with the look of a traditional high school.  What sets Wenona apart from traditional high schools is that it is much smaller then neighboring schools.  The Wenona student population is made up from these same neighboring schools. 

Wenona High School is a great place for a student to get a second chance.  Most students come to Wenona because they have fallen behind in credits at their home school and would not be able to graduate.  Our strength is to get these students back on track and focused on getting their High School Diploma.  It is rewarding to see these young people graduate at commencements, which would never have happened if it weren’t for the Wenona Staff and the opportunity for a second chance. 

Wenona High School has four core classroom teachers, a counselor and two online E2020 computer labs that includes a teacher and a learning assistant.  Wenona follows the MMC and utilizes the Career Center at the ISD.  The Wenona Staff is dedicated and trained to work with at risk students.  Our common goal is to get the students graduated and ready for the next chapter in their life. 

  • Wenona offers many different scholarships for college.
  • Has smaller classrooms (123 total students).
  • Has celebrations throughout the year.
  • Has two E2020 online learning labs.
  • Bay City Public Schools Diploma.
  • Accepts expelled students for non-violent behaviors
  • Offers school to work and community service for credits.


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